User testing of the Cochrane Library

User testing

In a set of user tests in Norway and UK in 2005-2006, we observed health profes­sionals as they attempted to access The Cochrane Library and find information relevant to their work. Results from this work have fed into numerous dialogues about improving the Cochrane Library interface to make Cochrane Reviews both more accessible and legible. Key collaborators have included Jane Cracknell from the Cochrane Anesthesia Review Group.

See also our user test package


Relevant publications from staff at Cochrane Norway

  1. Rosenbaum SE, Glenton C, Cracknell J. User experiences of evidence-based online resources for health professionals: user testing of The Cochrane Library. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 2008;8:34
  2. Rosenbaum SE, Glenton C, Langengen I. How do health professionals find, use, and experience The Cochrane Library? Poster – Cochrane Colloquium, Melbourne 2005


This research was supported through funds provided by the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services and John Wiley & Sons, Inc