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  • This Cochrane review shows that there is probably little or no difference in safety if you change IV drips (peripheral venous catheters) only when clinically indicated compared to routine replacement. To change IV drips only when clinically indicated probably costs less than routine replacement of these.What does the research tell us?In systematic...
    February 24 2021
  • Health workers and health systems increasingly use mobile phones and tablets to organise health care, provide services and communicate with clients, patients and the public (often referred to as 'mHealth'). Some of these strategies may be particularly relevant in situations where it is difficult to meet other healthcare staff, patients and...
    November 8 2019
  • This Cochrane Review, published in March 2020, aimed to assess if ‘death audits and reviews’ (exploring why people have died and what could have been done to prevent these deaths) can prevent mothers and children from dying.Read the summary here
    November 8 2019
  • «Briefly summarised» is a dissemination project where we develop and produce summaries of systematic reviews. The aim is to communicate research in a short and simple way. We have now gathered materials developed by staff at Cochrane Norway to share with people interrested in research communication. Check out this page
    January 28 2019
  • This Cochrane review shows that patient-mediated strategies, such as patient information, patient education or when patients give information about themselves, can help improve clinical practice.What does the research tell us?In systematic reviews, available research is collected and critically appraised. The research question in this systematic...
    January 24 2019
  • Workshops in GRADE and GRADE CERQual, Oslo, November 2018
    September 14 2018
  • GRADE and GRADE CERQual workshops, Oslo, November 2018
    July 7 2015
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