"Briefly summarised"

«Briefly summarised» is a dissemination project where we develop and produce summaries of systematic reviews. The aim is to communicate research in a short and simple way. 


  • To improve access to new, summarised and critically appraised research that is relevant to the Norwegian setting or our international collaborators 
  • To promote international collaborators
  • To serve as a resource for the owners, providers and users of the Norwegian health care and welfare services


Owners, providers and users of the Norwegian health care and welfare services seek answers to a variety of research questions. We at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) address some of these by producing our own systematic reviews and HTA reports. These are, however, only a small share of all systematic reviews produced worldwide. In 2010 it was estimated that on average, 11 systematic reviews are published every day![1].

In addition to producing systematic reviews, we at the NIPH publish our own summaries of systematic reviews with themes and results that may be of interest to owners, providers and users of the Norwegian health care and welfare services. These 2-page summaries are called «Briefly summarised».


  • We regularly screen for systematic reviews published (mainly in The Cochrane Library) 
  • We chose relevant themes for owners, providers and users of the health care and welfare services
  • «Briefly summarised» publications are based on a standardised format. Here, we give a short description of the problem, intervention(s) and comparison(s) and the effect of the intervention and the degree of confidence (certainty) we have in the findings 

The final “Briefly summarised” products are distributed through various internal and external Norwegian channels, such as the NIPHs website, newsletter, and professional journals and websites, such as the following (in Norwegian):

[1] Bastian H, Glasziou P, Chalmers I. Seventy-Five Trials and Eleven Systematic Reviews a Day: How Will We Ever Keep Up? PLoS Medicine2010;7(9):e1000326. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000326

Written by: Marita Fonhus, Cochrane Norway
Last updated: March 2019