SUPPORT summary video

While SUPPORT Summaries for policy makers in low and middle income countries are usually text based, we have also explored how their structure and content could be used in a video format. 

We used the knowledge gained from our developmental work with Summary of Findings Tables, Plain language summaries and SUPPORT summaries for policy makers, and set out to develop a video presentation format that can:

  • Help policy makers understand the results of a specific review
  • Help policy makers understand general methodological concepts
  • Attract a wider audience to Cochrane reviews
  • Be easily accessible in multiple languages
  • Be easily be transferable to other reviews with a minimum of resources

We selected the SUPPORT Summary of the Cochrane review on the effects of lay health workers for maternal and child health and tuberculosis. We developed a 10-minute video using low-tech, low-cost solutions, and presenting what we know about the benefits and harms of this intervention, what we do not know, and how confident we can be in these results. We pilot tested the video among a relevant audience before developing a second version of the video and publishing it on YouTube.

Pilot testing led us to increase the information about what we do not know, i.e. where information was lacking for important subgroups and outcomes. Responses were largely positive, including appreciation of narration and use of tables, maps and photos. A few people were concerned about length.

We concluded that video appears to be a feasible format for reliable, accessible and low-cost presentation of Cochrane Reviews.


This work was supported through funds provided by the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services.