Informed Health Choices

Using evidence to change the world

Claims about what might improve or harm our health and wellbeing are everywhere. Many of these claims are not reliable and most people have difficulties distinguishing reliable from unreliable claims. This leads to poorly informed choices, unnecessary suffering, and waste.

Informed Health Choices aims to empower people to make informed choices. The Informed Health Choices team is an international, multidisciplinary group of people with decades of shared experience in research methods, health services research, medicine, public health, epidemiology, design, education, communication and journalism.

The team is developing, testing, and scaling up the use of effective learning resources to enable people to think critically about health claims and make informed choices. 

Today’s children are tomorrow’s health professionals and policymakers, as well as patients and citizens. To achieve the benefits of a scientifically literate population making well-informed decisions, we need to start with children and the time to start is now, for their benefit and the benefit of humankind. The Informed Health Choices project started with primary school resources, to lay a foundation for continued learning. The resources will complement and facilitate teaching critical thinking and scientific reasoning in other areas. 

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