About Cochrane Norway


Cochrane Norway is based at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.  We are responsible for promoting the awareness and use of Cochrane reviews, and providing training and support to review authors in Norway.

Promoting the use of Cochrane Reviews

One of Cochrane’s key principles is to promote access to Cochrane reviews. At Cochrane Norway, we explore ways of making Cochrane reviews more easily accessible for all types of users, including:

Health professionals

Patients and the public

Policy makers

Our work to disseminate the results of Cochrane reviews builds on a few basic principles:

  • We aim to support informed decisions, not to give recommendations
  • Summary of Findings tables are a critical starting point for our products
  • We use a layered presentation approach: the “1-3-25 principle”
  • When it comes to understanding research, different target groups may have similar problems
  • We user test all our products


Other activities at Cochrane Norway